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I know that deciding on an image and selecting options can be challenging. So I'm here to help guide you through this process! I enjoy working with clients to make sure they get exactly what they want. If you need help with any part of the process, or just want some clarification, feel free to contact me. My goal is to deliver something you will LOVE! Email me at dustin.t.wong@gmail.com and provide as many specifics as you can.
Thanks, and Aloha -Dustin

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Traditional Prints

Starting at $70

The CLASSIC look. Lustre and Metallic prints come on traditional high quality photo paper. These will look their best when matted and framed. If you select this product, there will be options as you proceed through the checkout to add matting and framing to your order.

Giclee Canvas

Starting at $300

The Artist look. The image is printed on high quality canvas and stretched over a 1.5" thick wooden frame. This is the perfect way to display an image where you want a painterly feel to it. Due to the texture of the canvas, some detail and sharpness is lost, but that actually helps to create a soft, beautiful ethereal touch to the piece. There are certain pieces where I recommend this piece for that reason.

If you are interested in ordering a custom size or 40"-60" or larger please email your inquiry to dustin.t.wong@gmail.com

Metal Prints

Starting at $350

High-Definition, High-Gloss Metal Prints produced using the industry leading ChromaLuxe process is my recommended and preferred method of displaying most of my pieces.

A frameless modern look will leave you and everyone else in awe of the piece. Many feel that this printing style adds a three-dimensional look, with vibrant colors that truly pop. In order to create this Fine Art piece, a digital image is printed in reverse onto a special transfer paper and then using a heat press, the transfer paper is pressed onto the surface of a 0.045” thick aluminum sheet at 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature heated press causes the inks to transfer from the paper directly into the coating of the aluminum in the form of a gas. The print is not simply placed on top of the surface of the aluminum, but instead fused into the surface of the piece. These Hi-Def Metal Prints are coated with a UV resistant material and have incredible durability. Independent testing laboratories have performed environmental life tests and have concluded that the ChromaLuxe Metal Prints are one of the longest lasting photo mediums available. These come with professional backing materials and are ready to mount.

Gallery Style FujiFlex mounted to 1/8" or 1/4" Acrylic

This is the highest quality printing product I have found. FujiFlex paper produces very crisp, highly saturated colors. When mounted directly to the back of a clear acrylic sheet, a three-dimensional effect is created. The light comes off the image and internally reflects through the acrylic material, creating the effect. This creates a feeling that the image is "popping off" the paper. For pricing information, please email the dimensions you would desire to Dustin.T.Wong@gmail.com.

Existing Print Inventory Sale

I have heavily discounted prints available in Seattle. These are priced to move to make room for newer prints. Browse the sale

Content Licensing

To inquire about licensing content from this page please contact me. I'm happy to work with you to help inspire your customers and clients!

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